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Mass Manipulation, Mass Media - Neutralizing Resistance through Entertainment

An introduction to the greater purposes behind corporate mass media, and entertainment.

Maximizing exploitation of human gullibility in the want for "big daddy" figures and a feeling of security, emotive sequences are developed and used to bypass reasoning, and then implant desired thoughts acceptable to the ruling regime. For this purpose, oligarchic elite patriarchs have generated a "culture industry" meant to steer the masses in the directions that suit them best. Policy adviser to Barack Obama Zbigniew Brzezinski, and his admitted plan to use personality cults (i.e. Obama) to attain his own political objectives, is used as an example.

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Was Obama's Rise Predicted? Watch This Chilling Video.

Barack Obama - The Wall Street Puppet, By Webster G. Tarpley on RTV

Aldous Huxley -- The Ultimate Revolution -- A Blueprint to Enslave the Masses

The Globalist War on Individualism - Charlotte Iserbyt - 'Skull & Bones'

Revealed - The Men Who Own and Run Government

Run time 8 minutes 14 seconds
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